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Comment author: RayTaylor 22 November 2017 11:01:09AM 2 points [-]

Don't just try to be more inclusive, include!

ie. go to where women and BME people already are, find those who also want their altruism to be effective, and see how they are ALREADY organising themselves, and support that....

....rather than imagining that we can co-opt THEIR skills and talent into OUR network!

It may be that we are not the ones who are best placed to shift the EA network to something more welcoming to women and BME people. I'm not saying effort isn't worthwhile, and valuable in itself, it is. but forming an alliance may be much more viable than trying to "include people in". be our best selves, rather than pretend we can be a level playing field. Humility doesn't suck! Presumption does.

I can't speak to where women with a likely interest in EA goals are, but for people from other cultures, two movements stand out: for South America, the Freirian movement, inspired by Paolo Freire and others. In India and Africa (and Canada and UK) the participatory movement and especially Participatory Evaluation - something we could learn a lot from!