EA database/reading list: Why it might be useful

I recently posted on the EA Facebook group asking if there existed any (1) comprehensive, (2) crowd-sourced / semi-crowd-sourced and (3) well updated databases cataloguing blog posts, articles and general media sources related to different EA issues. Seeing as no one who saw the post suggested anything that fits the... Read More

"Everyday Heroes of Effective Giving": Catherine Low, Jo Duyvestyn, Peter Livingstone

The next three videos in the " Everyday Heroes of Effective Giving " video series are out! Recap : This project involves creating brief videos of around 10 minutes each that showcase portraits of EA participants folks from across the movement. We have so many great people involved in the... Read More

Scientific Charity Movement

A group of relatively well-off people apply ideas from science to charity, trying to improve efficiency and end poverty. It doesn't turn out well. Sounds like something I should read up on. There was a movement, starting around 1870, to replace municipal and religious aid to the poor with a... Read More

50% every 5 years > 10% every year

As I meet more EAs, I'm surprised at the number who donate 10% annually. I share their bias and preference to give now, although I acknowledge there is a somewhat-convincing argument for investing now and giving later. (I've overcome this objection by seeking out donation matching opportunities.) Whatever you reasoning,... Read More

Some Organisational Changes at the Centre for Effective Altruism

This post explains a number of recent changes regarding the organisational structure of the Centre for Effective Altruism (CEA). These are primarily changes to the internal structure of the organisation; for that reason, this post should be primarily of interest to people who follow CEA very closely. However, I also... Read More

Philanthropy Advisory Fellowship: Mental Health in Sub-Saharan Africa

By Ashley Demming, Eric Gastfriend, Lori Holleran, and Danielle Wang. This is the Executive Summary of the final report from a Philanthropy Advisory Fellowship project advising a family foundation on grantmaking opportunities and strategy . The full report (redacted for client confidentiality) is available here . This research was conducted... Read More

Philanthropy Advisory Fellowship: Water, Sanitation, and Handwashing

By Jeff Glenn, Monica Kwok, and Zhihan Ma. This is the Executive Summary of the final report from a Philanthropy Advisory Fellowship project on identifying innovative organizations in the Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WaSH) space . The full report (redacted for client confidentiality) is available here . This research was... Read More

The Giving Game Project's Annual Report

Cross-posted from The Life You Can Save's blog. Executive Summary With another school year in the books, it's time to take stock here at The Giving Game Project. This report reflects back on our progress over the last year, where we stand relative to our long-term goals, and our plans... Read More

Reasons for EA Meetups to Exist

The latest Slatestarcodex post distinguishes between pushing and pulling goals. A pulling goal is when you start off with the goal and figure out how to achieve it (ie. end world poverty), a pushing goal is when you are given a structure and have to choose a goal that can... Read More

EA != minimize suffering

In many ways, most EAs are extraordinarily smart, but in one way EAs are naive. The most well known EAs have stated that the goal of EA is to minimize suffering. I can't explain this well at all, but I'm certain that is not the cause or effect of altruism... Read More

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