(Draft & looking for feedback/review) How to vote like an EA in the Australian Federal election

This is the first draft of a piece that we (Hugo Burgin and Michael Dello-Iacovo) intend to share in the days leading up to the Australian Federal election (02/07) on which party to vote for to maximise impact. This analysis was intended to be significantly more rigorous than it is,... Read More

Is effective altruism overlooking human happiness and mental health? I argue it is.

TL;DR version: Mental illness is probably much worse than poverty or physical illness. Interventions which change how people think - i.e. reduce mental health and increase happiness - may be more cost-effective ways of increasing happiness than AMF or Give Directly. I outline some new opportunities EA should look into.... Read More

Scenarios for cellular agriculture

Cellular agriculture - the production of animal products in cell cultures - has the potential to massively reduce suffering by replacing systems of animal exploitation. In this post I explore different scenarios for the development of cellular agriculture, and the implications for the effort to end factory farming and commercial... Read More

Wish Peter Singer a happy 70th birthday!

This piece has been cross-posted from The Life You Can Save Blog . On July 6 th , Peter Singer turns 70 years old! At The Life You Can Save, we’re celebrating this momentous day by drawing attention to the lasting impact Peter Singer’s scholarship and advocacy has had on... Read More

Frugal Car

I finally caved and purchased a car last year. Seeking to primarily save money and secondarily to minimize my environmental impact, I purchased a salvaged 2003 Toyota Echo for $4,000. It had 45,000 miles on it and gets 31city/40hwy mpg. It was salvaged due to dents from a hail storm.... Read More

Help SHIC Get Off The Ground

I’m posting this call for funding for Students for High Impact Charity because (while completely independent in funding, management, ability to split off, and everything else!), it’s under the broad .impact umbrella , and we’re providing support to it from .impact Focus Projects (a distinct team and subset of projects... Read More

Announcing "Everyday Heroes of Effective Giving" Series

We have so many great people involved in the EA movement, people who think hard and well about what cause to prioritize and who dedicate a significant portion of their money and time to advancing global flourishing in the most cost-effective manner. However, articles about EA participants typically feature the... Read More

How should we prioritize cause prioritization?

Cause prioritization, or attempting to work out which cause is the most important, is widely considered an important cause in EA. But how important is cause prioritization? That is, how much should we prioritize cause prioritization within our prioritization of causes? Act Now or Later? EAs have argued in the... Read More

Evaluation Frameworks (or: When Importance / Neglectedness / Tractability Doesn't Apply)

Let’s look at how we use frameworks to prioritize causes. We’ll start by looking at the commonly-used importance/neglectedness tractability framework and see why it often works well and why it doesn’t match reality. Then we’ll consider an alternative approach. Importance/neglectedness/tractability framework When people do high-level cause prioritization, they often use... Read More

Accomplishments Open Thread - June 2016

Publicizing our good deeds is really valuable for optimizing global flourishing. So p lease share any EA-themed accomplishments you have not yet shared on previous Accomplishment open threads, whether recent achievements or ones from long ago. This includes one-time accomplishments or ongoing activities on which you are continuously working. This... Read More

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