Film as an EA outreach tool

The Cowspiracy Conference is in Berkeley, California on September 17. I encourage people to sign up and attend. (And if somehow you haven't yet seen Cowspiracy ( website , trailer ), by all means check out the compelling environmental documentary on Netflix, or the companion book, The Sustainability Secret (... Read More

Why the Open Philanthropy Project Should Prioritize Wild Animal Suffering

Cross-posted to my website . Like the last time I wrote something like this, my suggestions here could apply to any large foundation. But most large foundations don’t care at all about what I say, and the Open Philanthropy Project cares at least a tiny bit about what I say,... Read More

Should you switch away from earning to give? Some considerations.

At EA Global, a common discussion topic was that direct work was becoming increasingly higher priority in comparison to earning to give. I’ve helped to contribute to this conversation, and I’m glad we’re talking about this. This post is just to give some considerations on the other side, to ensure... Read More

Why Animals Matter for Effective Altruism

This is an introductory article for people currently learning more about effective altruism . “Effective altruism is about answering one simple question: how can we use our resources to help others the most?” This article explains why it’s so important to consider the wellbeing of animals when choosing where to... Read More

Promoting EA in Russia: Barriers and opportunities

Last week, my partner Yulia and I had the pleasure of talking about the state of effective altruism in Russia with Vyacheslav “Slava” Matyukhin. Slava has made efforts to promote EA online and in Moscow in the past few years. Below are some highlights from our discussion. I share these... Read More

Thinking about how we responding to criticisms of EA

There are thin and thick versions of EA[1]. The thinnest version is that EA is doing good effectively. The thickest versions look at the beliefs held by the majority of the community and says that these beliefs are what EA is. Often critics of EA take a thick version: they... Read More

June 2016 GiveWell board meeting

Contents Summary Introduction Rough transcript Reelection of board members Budget discussion Staff growth and details of hiring method Executive compensation Relationship with Good Ventures Professionalization of the board Future of GiveWell Competitors to GiveWell GiveWell staff compensation Commentary Licensing Acknowledgements Summary I present a rough transcript of the June 2016... Read More

Effective Altruists really love EA: Evidence from EA Global

This year I was in charge of marketing for EA Global. This gave me some useful insights into the EA community and why it's growing rapidly. I'm planning to do a full write-up in the future, but two insights are worth sharing now. More than half of EA Global applications... Read More

Ideas for Future Effective Altruism Conferences: Open Thread

First, I wanted to thank all of the Effective Altruism Global organizers and participants. I found it to be very valuable and overall well put together. There was obviously a ton of work put into it, most by conference organizers who I don't believe will get that much credit for... Read More

The Map of Global Warming Prevention

TL;DR: Small probability of runaway global warming requires preparation of urgent unconventional measures of its prevention that is sunlight dimming. Abstract: The most expected version of limited global warming of several degrees C in 21 century will not result in human extinction, as even the thawing after Ice Age in... Read More

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