Why I donated to the Environmental Data & Governance Initiative

This post has two parts: Part 1 outlines a type of donation that I think donors aiming for high expected impact should consider making: one-off donations to young organisations with highly uncertain futures. Part 2 is a case study that falls into this category, with my reasons for donating $3,000... Read More

A review of what affective neuroscience knows about suffering & valence. (TLDR: Affective Neuroscience is very confused about what suffering is.)

Part 1 A significant fraction of the EA movement is concerned with suffering, and all else being equal, think there should be less of it. I think this is an extraordinarily noble goal.  But what *is* suffering? There are roughly as many working definitions of suffering in the EA movement... Read More

Building Cooperative Epistemology (Response to "EA has a Lying Problem", among other things)

This is in response to Sarah Constantin's recent post about intellectual dishonesty within the EA community. I roughly agree with Sarah's main object level points, but I think this essay doesn't sufficiently embody the spirit of cooperative discourse it's trying to promote. I have a lot of thoughts here, but they... Read More

Donor lottery details

On January 15 we will have the drawing for the donor lottery discussed here . The opportunity to participate has passed; this post just lays out the details and final allocation of lottery numbers. If you regret missing out, I expect there will be another round, and it would be useful... Read More

Giving What We Can Pledge thoughts

The Center for Effective Altruism commissioned me to write an essay on Giving What We Can’s pledge to give 10% of your income to the most effective charities. They did not ask that the essay have any particular contents, but I expect that I would not have agreed to write... Read More

Rational Politics Project

Brief Summary : There have been a number of concerns expressed in the EA Forum following the recent election about the role of EA in politics, such as about fundamental research on politics and policy as an EA issue, as well as specific concerns about Trump's election, especially in terms... Read More

Proposal for an Pre-registered Experiment in EA Outreach

Can talking about GWWC for 90 minutes actually get somebody to take the Pledge?   Note: I timed myself so I will not take more than 30 mins on the first draft (and hopefully less than an hour on this post overall)   Surface analysis of Giving What We Can... Read More

How Should I Spend My Time?

Back in 2013, I was in my final year of college and wanted to think seriously about what I do. I drafted up 11 initial options (though I now feel like my initial list was kind of shortsighted), narrowed it down to 5 options that I more thoroughly assessed ,... Read More

Where I gave and why in 2016

People seem to find donation decision write-ups interesting, so here's mine! Cross-posted from my blog . I’ve decided where (and how much) to donate for 2016! The punchline: I’m donating $20,000 to a donor-advised fund run by Nick Beckstead, $5,000 to GiveWell for discretionary re-granting, and $1,000 to GiveDirectly. Here’s... Read More

SHIC Interim Report Survey

Many on this forum have been integral to the success Students for High-Impact Charity has already seen since its official launch less than a year ago. Now that we’re midway through our first school year, we thought it’s time to take a step back, see what the future holds for... Read More

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