Why I prioritize moral circle expansion over artificial intelligence alignment

Why I prioritize moral circle expansion over artificial intelligence alignment This blog post is written for a very specific audience: people involved in the effective altruism community who are familiar with cause prioritization and arguments for the overwhelming importance of the far future. It might read as strange and confusing... Read More

Prioritization Consequences of "Formally Stating the AI Alignment Problem"

I've just completed a comprehensive presentation of my current thinking on AI alignment . In it I give a formal statement of the AI alignment problem that is rigorous and makes clear the philosophical assumptions being made when we try to say we want to create AI aligned with human... Read More

What is Animal Farming in Rural Zambia Like? A Site Visit

Factory farming in the United States and other developed countries is no doubt terrible . And while other developing countries are catching up in their sophistication , it is not clear yet what factory farming is like in the least developed parts of the developing world where most aid is... Read More

A generalized strategy of ‘mission hedging’: investing in 'evil' to do more good

A generalized strategy of ‘mission hedging’: investing in 'evil' to do more good   Hauke Hillebrandt  [1] Version from: 18/02/2018 Disclaimer By reading this material, you acknowledge, understand and accept the following: This material has been prepared by Hauke Hillebrandt (“Hauke Hillebrandt”). This material is subject to change without notice.... Read More

Doing good while clueless

This is the fourth (and final) post in a series exploring consequentialist cluelessness and its implications for effective altruism: The first post describes cluelessness & its relevance to EA; arguing that for many popular EA interventions we don’t have a clue about the intervention’s overall net impact. The second post... Read More

On funding medical research

“Which medical research should be receive more funding” is a hugely important question, with hundreds of *billions* of dollars spent on medical research yearly. It’s also one that is not always approached in a rational and evidence-based way, which is understandable, as most people think about this question when they... Read More

Where Some People Donated in 2017

Edited 2018-02-14 to include myself. Edited soon after publication to include ACE staff members’ donations. Thanks to the Facebook commenter who pointed me to them. This is a collection of writings on where people are donating. It only includes writings that I am aware exist (obviously) and that are written... Read More

Lessons for Building Up a Cause

Introduction/Summary 2015 is the year when AI alignment and AI safety took off as causes taken seriously by the academic and industry worlds of AI research and the media. This has largely been attributed to influential world leaders in science and technology like Bill Gates, Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk.... Read More

[Link] OpenPhil's Update on Cause Prioritization at Open Philanthropy

The Open Philanthropy Project have posted an update on cause prioritization on their website. 

Founders Pledge hiring a Personal & Development Assistant in the US

  (disclaimer in case not evident - I work at FP)   Full ad at  https://www.ziprecruiter.com/jobs/founders-pledge-6bfde02e/personal-development-assistant-d8dc878e   PERSONAL & DEVELOPMENT ASSISTANT ($40,000 - $45,000) About Us Founders Pledge is a global community of founders and investors who have collectively pledged more than $420,000,000 of their personal proceeds from exit (business... Read More

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