Students for High Impact Charity: Review and $10K Grant

As part of my plan to earn to give this year, I spoke with Tee Barnett about Students for High Impact Charity , an organization that brings a specific curriculum to teach effective altruism to high school students. I also spoke to several other people who have worked with Tee... Read More

The world is ready for a charity app! (New idea inside, please critique and comment)

I believe we need a charity app! I know what you’re thinking: “Not another app!”. But hear me out... Short introduction: Brief thoughts and background I think that a lot of people find it “too difficult” or “too much of a hassle" to access reliable data on charities; to donate... Read More

.impact updates (1 of 3): New leadership, organizational overview and changes, LEAN

New Leadership Hi all! I’m Georgie - I recently took over as Executive Director of .impact , so I wanted to introduce myself and provide some updates on where we’re headed as an organisation. I’d be more than happy to talk to anyone who would like to chat about .impact... Read More

The case for domain-specific effective altruism

I want to start by thanking everyone for the warm welcome in response to my first post introducing myself on the EA forum last week. In it, I wrote the following: To be clear, I think cause neutrality is probably EA's greatest innovation, and I am not at all suggesting... Read More

If you want to disagree with effective altruism, you need to disagree one of these three claims

Effective altruism is often motivated by appealing to Singer’s pond argument. This is good because it’s a strong, concrete and well-studied argument. However, two downsides are that (i) it associates effective altruism with international development (ii) it makes it seem like you can refute the importance of effective altruism by... Read More

Effective Altruism subreddit

I'm sharing the Effective Altruism subreddit on Reddit.com for those of you who haven't seen it yet. https://www.reddit.com/r/EffectiveAltruism/ We are a newer discussion community with over a thousand subscribers. Overall activity is comparable to the EA forum here, but we are more oriented towards less formal discussion, ideas and questions.... Read More

A Method for Automatic Trustworthiness in Study Pre-Registration

We all know that good science is hard. Sometimes science is the victim of outright fraud, such as when people intentionally falsify data . However, we frequently can mislead ourselves even with the best of intentions. Often this happens through performing multiple analyses and only keeping the ones that turn... Read More

Is the community short of software engineers after all?

It often seems like software engineering is the most over-represented career in the community. On this ground, at 80,000 Hours we've discouraged more people from going into the area, in order to increase the diversity of skills in the community. However, recently the following organisations have been trying to hire... Read More

Review of EA Global 2016

My name is Amy Labenz, and I was Executive Producer and Curator of EA Global 2016. On behalf of the team, I’m posting to provide the EA community with information about our: Goals for EA Global 2016 Decisions and lessons Evaluation of EA Global 2016 Plans for EA Global 2017... Read More

The need for convergence on an ethical theory

For this post, I'm going to use the scenario outlined in the science fiction book Seveneves by Neal Stephenson. It's a far-fetched scenario (and I leave out a lot of detail), but it sets up my point nicely, so bear with me. Full credit for the intro, of course, to... Read More

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