Anyone have thoughts/response to this critique of Effective Animal Altruism?

I recently came across this lengthy and harsh critique of ACE in particular and animal-focused EA more generally and to some extent EA more generally.  https://medium.com/ @harrisonnathan/the-actual-number-is-almost-surely-higher-92c908f36517#.kq58x4oor I don't know what to think about it, since I don't know much about ACE. I'm sure some of the concerns it raises... Read More

Why donate to 80,000 Hours

If you have a broadly effective altruist approach, we think 80,000 Hours is an attractive donation opportunity from a number of perspectives. In this post, we’ll sketch some of these perspectives, and our current funding needs. This post is intended as a summary – full details on our plans and... Read More

We Must Reassess What Makes a Charity Effective

  Let me preface this article by saying that I am an international development professional who has been living and working in West Africa for years.  I am a fan of the underlying principles of effective altruism, that we need to invest in charities that do the most good, but... Read More

The Value of Time Spent Fundraising: Four Examples

In the past, I’ve spent a few times fundraising for EA top charities. Awhile ago, it was suggested as a potential high-impact EA career , with a lot of thought given to “fundraising ratios” based on the amount of money taken in and the amount of money raised. I personally... Read More

Estimating the Value of Mobile Money

In the US we have many options for sending money around: there's the traditional cash, check, credit card, bank transfer, etc., and then there's PayPal, Venmo, Square, Wallet, etc. In poorer countries, however, if you want to send money to someone in another city your best option is often to... Read More

Emotion Inclusive Altruism vs. Emotion Exclusive Altruism

Summary: People discussing common acts of altruism and those arguing against it’s existence are using different definitions of altruism.   Cross-posted to my medium blog .  You smell fire, run outside, see a burning building, hear a child screaming, run inside the building, grab child, run out, and the building... Read More

Thoughts on the "Meta Trap"

Cross-posted to my blog . Thanks to Ajeya Cotra and Jeff Kaufman for feedback on a draft of this post. Any remaining errors are my own. Comments on this post may be copied to my blog. Last year, Peter Hurford wrote a post titled ‘EA risks falling into a "meta... Read More

Lunar Colony

Should the establishment of a permanent lunar colony (possibly even terraforming) as a form of life insurance be a priority for humanity from a consequentialist perspective?   

Futures of altruism special issue?

There is interest in having a special issue in the journal Futures on the futures of altruism. From reading this forum, I have identified a few possibilities: the endgame for animal product consumption offsetting next steps in Singer’s expanding circle the endgame of most people becoming EAs Of course there... Read More

What is the expected value of creating a GiveWell top charity?

Earlier this year, GiveWell Experimental predicted that we, the team behind Charity Science Health (CSH), have a 15% chance of becoming a GiveWell top charity by giving season 2019 . That sounds pretty cool. But what does it mean for our plans? How good is it to be a top... Read More

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