Understanding Charity Evaluation

In this short post I try to set out a model of understanding charity evaluation (and cause prioritisation) research, how and when such this research is useful to people and how it can be done better.   A MODEL OF DO-GOODERS There are many people who want to make the... Read More

Cause: Better political systems and policy making.

Should EAs be fighting for better political systems and better policy making? For governance where the decision makers, at minimum, are incentivised to act in the best long-term interest of the population?   At first glance this could be super important. If you think policy makers should be putting in... Read More

Thinking about how we respond to criticisms of EA

There are thin and thick versions of EA[1]. The thinnest version is that EA is doing good effectively. The thickest versions look at the beliefs held by the majority of the community and says that these beliefs are what EA is. Often critics of EA take a thick version: they... Read More

Effective Altruism London – a request for funding

INTRODUCTION (IE. THE EMOTIONAL ELEVATOR PITCH) There is a huge untapped potential to build a strong vibrant world-changing EA community in London. Recent EA events in London show we can have a significant impact on giving behaviour: 79% of attendees at a talk said they would 'think more where they... Read More

Tips on talking about effective altruism

I noticed that, over the past few years, I have collected a number of tips and introspective thoughts on how best to talk about effective altruism. I have written this up and I posted the list of tips below. I hope this is helpful to someone. I have also posted... Read More

How I organise a growing effective altruism group in a big city in less than 30 minutes a month.

Starting a local group is really easy to do, a lot of fun and you meet some amazing people. And of course you can have a huge huge impact on the world by encouraging people to do good and to think more carefully about how they do good. I started... Read More

Meetup : Super fun EA London Pub Social Meetup

Discussion article for the meetup : Super fun EA London Pub Social Meetup WHEN: 19 April 2016 06:00:00PM (+0000) WHERE: London (see details) Effective Altruism and Giving What We Can London has an incredibly awesome regular social meetup on the third Tuesday of each month - themed around around a... Read More

Top Tips on how to Choose an Effective Charity

If all charities were as good as each other, then giving to less effective charities wouldn’t be a big deal. But there are huge differences. Just as we might shop around to find the best value car so we can shop around to find the best charities.   Tip 1:... Read More

Outreaching Effective Altruism Locally – Resources and Guides

Do you want to start an EA group in your local area or University, or want to grow the effective altruism group that already exists? Do you want to give a talk about effective altruism at your church or club or get involved in any other sort of local outreach?... Read More

Meetup : Under the influence @ the Shakespeare's Head

Discussion article for the meetup : Under the influence @ the Shakespeare's Head WHEN: 15 September 2014 07:00:00PM (+0100) WHERE: Shakespeares head, 64 Kingsway, Holborn, London, WC2B 6BG EFFECTIVE ALTRUISM is about applying reason and evidence to the goal of improving the world, with the aim of doing the most... Read More

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