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The reason for posting these facts now is that as of the time of writing, Leverage's successor, the Paradigm Academy is seeking to host the EA Summit in one week. The hope is that these facts would firstly help to inform effective altruists on the matter of whether they would be well-advised to attend, and secondly, what approach they may want to take if they do attend.

Leverage Research has recruited from the EA community using mind-maps and other psychological techniques, obtaining dozens of years of work, but doing little apparent good. As a result, the author views it as inadvisable for EAs to engage with Leverage Research and its successor, Paradigm Academy. Rather, they should seek the advice of mentors outside of the Leverage orbit before deciding to attend such an event. Based on past events such as the Pareto Fellowship, invitees who ultimately decide to attend would be well-advised to be cautious about recruitment, by keeping in touch with friends and mentors throughout.


Leverage Research: reviewing the basic facts

Resources spent Leverage Research has now existed for over 7.5 years 1 Since 2011, it has consumed over 100 person-years of human capital. From 2012-16, Leverage Research spent $2.02 million, and the associated Institute for Philosophical Research spent $310k. 23 Outputs Some of the larger outputs of Leverage Research include: Work on Connection Theory: although... Read More
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