Comment author: PeterMcCluskey 08 January 2017 07:32:58PM 6 points [-]

You claim this is non-partisan, yet you make highly partisan claims, such as "conservatives have relied much more on lies" (you cite Trump's lies, but treating Trump as a conservative is objectionable to many conservatives).

Comment author: the_jaded_one 09 January 2017 05:50:57PM *  1 point [-]

You claim this is non-partisan, yet you make highly partisan claims,

I made a similar point on the LW version of this post. I think it is going to be hard to fix politics and the links between the object level and the meta level, which are especially strong in politics, are close to the root cause of why politics is so hard to be rational about.

But I feel like it might be useful to poke around a bit at that link.

Comment author: Jay_Shooster 28 September 2016 10:39:27PM 9 points [-]

So do you think other kinds of non-event programming could be useful? Like an in depth blog post, or a podcast episode?

Comment author: the_jaded_one 15 October 2016 12:13:15PM 0 points [-]

I have heard about retreats and closed conferences/workshops to get people together, I would imagine something like that would be better from the point of view that Eliezer is coming from.

In order for people to have useful conversations where genuine reasoning and thinking is done, they have to actually meet each other.

Comment author: the_jaded_one 19 February 2016 11:18:51AM 1 point [-]

How feasible is it to use a gene drive coupled with a "genetic time bomb" to completely wipe out a mosquito species? By a "genetic time bomb", I mean some gene that kills only after, e.g. 10 generations?

If you could assign a very high probability to completely wiping out a species (or all species) of mosquito, then worries about reduced acquired immunity could be put aside.