Better models for EA development: a network of communities, not a global community

[EDIT: I recommend to first read this comment which clarifies the raison d'être of this post. The post should make more sense afterwards.] Intro Whenever this post mentions ‘we’, it refers to EA Geneva. This article aims to contribute to developing a better understanding of ‘community building’. It is the... Read More

Local Community Building Funnel and Activities - EA Geneva

  1. Intro This is the first post in a series on EA Geneva’s community building efforts. Links will be added with the publication of the other posts. Community building tactics (activities and engagement) Community building strategy (concepts and considerations) Measuring impact (goals and metrics) Organisational structure (decision-making and coordination)... Read More

Why you should consider going to EA Global

My main motivation behind writing this is to help you consider whether going to an Effective Altruism Global (EAG) conference this year is worth it. After having doubted the value, I was convinced otherwise at EAGx Oxford 2016. Therefore, I’m sharing my personal highlights from that weekend to attempt to... Read More

Meetup : Geneva, Ethnobar

Discussion article for the meetup : Geneva, Ethnobar WHEN: 15 April 2015 07:00:00PM (+0200) WHERE: Rue des Deux-Ponts 2, 1205 Genève, Suisse Just a meetup for everyone interested, find more in our facebook group. :) facebook.com/groups/EAGeneva Discussion article for the meetup : Geneva, Ethnobar