UK Income Tax & Donations

For anyone donating their income, being aware of tax rules and making proper use of available deductions can result in significantly increased donations. There are some existing resources on US tax rules (e.g. Ben Kuhn's post ), but I hadn't come across any for UK tax rules yet.  So in the... Read More
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Comment author: JamesDrain 29 December 2017 10:05:34PM *  0 points [-]

I posted a couple months ago that I was working on an effective altruism board game. You can now order a copy online!

To recap:

  • it's a cooperative game where you start out as a random human sampled from the real-world distribution of income

  • try to get lots of human QALYs and animal QALYs and reduce existential risk

  • all while answering EA-related trivia questions, donating to effective charities, partaking in classic philosophy thought experiments, realizing your own private morality and

  • try to avoid being turned into a chicken.

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Comment author: harald 25 March 2018 05:22:46PM 1 point [-]

Cool! Who would you say is the target audience for this? Is it suitable for people who are very new to EA?

Comment author: Venkatesh 04 December 2017 09:22:59PM 1 point [-]

Right. I sent a message via the contact page in the EA Hub Website. Maybe I will get an update on what is going on.

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Comment author: harald 25 March 2018 05:20:47PM 0 points [-]

Have you had any updates on this? This topic came up at a recent meetup I was at; I'd be interested in reading/contributing.

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Comment author: iossc 13 February 2018 05:56:40AM 3 points [-]


I'm a student and iOS developer and I'm fairly new to the EA community. I'm willing to offer some of my time pro-bono in helping to build iOS apps for EA-related projects. Please let me know if there are any projects that you know of that require help in this field, via comments or messages!


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Comment author: harald 25 March 2018 05:18:30PM 2 points [-]

Worth keeping an eye on this for potentially relevant projects: http://www.eawork.club/

Comment author: Henry_Stanley 30 January 2018 03:53:58PM *  2 points [-]

Figures comparing direct suffering caused by various animal foods (h/t Brian Tomasik)

This was the thing that made me go vegetarian.

Comment author: harald 25 March 2018 05:16:45PM 2 points [-]

Do you know if anyone has done a more recent analysis of this kind of thing? He lists quite a few caveats/reservations at the end of this post.

Comment author: harald 25 March 2018 05:13:18PM 2 points [-]

Cool! Are there no extra charges associated with Google Pay or Apple Pay?