Project for Awesome: You can move ~$1K to a top charity by making a short video - no talent required!

Project for Awesome (a project of John and Hank Green) is running from December 15th-17th, and a bunch of money will go to charity. We can influence some of the donations by making videos for our chosen charities, uploading them from noon EST on December the 15th, and then having... Read More

Review of EA New Zealand’s ‘Doing Good Better’ book giveaway

By  Finn Whittington, Catherine Low, David Allis effectivealtruismnz@gmail.com Introduction The Effective Altruism NZ Charitable Trust initiated a book giveaway programme in September 2016, providing copies of William MacAskill’s book ‘Doing Good Better’ for free, with the intention that the recipient reads and shares the book and its ideas. The underlying... Read More