Students for High-Impact Charity: 2018 Update

By Baxter Bullock, Catherine Low, David Moss and Tee Barnett Contents Summary Our Current Strategy Summary and Interpretation of Workshop Data Outreach Data Quantitative Survey Data Qualitative Results Conclusion Plans for Autumn 2018 and Beyond The following post details SHIC’s 2018 strategic shift, evidence gathered, and future plans. You can... Read More

Rethink Charity Forward: Giving Platform for Canadian Donors

Rethink Charity has launched RC Forward , Canada’s first cause-neutral donation routing fund for high-impact charities around the world.   Until now, Charity Science Outreach (CSO) has been accepting donations from Canadians to GiveWell -recommended charities. Many of these are not registered charities in Canada, so CSO has been able... Read More

SHIC's Recommended Charities 2017

Better late than never! As is the goal with everything SHIC publishes, this post is meant to be accessible to those unfamiliar with Effective Altruism. Read the full post here: http://www.shicschools.org/single-post/2017/05/15/SHIC-Recommended-Charities-2017 -------- Why SHIC is updating its list When Students for High-Impact Charity (SHIC) was founded in early 2016, we... Read More

Students for High-Impact Charity Interim Report

SHIC has released an Interim report detailing our progress through 2016. Read the Executive Summary below, or view the full report here . *** SHIC Interim Report: Executive Summary This report comes following the close of our first semester of operation, four months after the organization secured target funding to... Read More

SHIC Interim Report Survey

Many on this forum have been integral to the success Students for High-Impact Charity has already seen since its official launch less than a year ago. Now that we’re midway through our first school year, we thought it’s time to take a step back, see what the future holds for... Read More