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I'm interested in hearing how the fundraising drive went and what the current situation of EA London is?


A short review of the Effect Foundation in 2017

The Effect Foundation (Stiftelsen Effekt in Norwegian) is an EA non-profit dedicated to promote and fundraise in Norway to GiveWell recommended charities. It started operations in mid-2016 and have raised about $ 360 000 (NOK 2 800 000) to date. The author of this post was one of the main... Read More

Project Report - On the Potential of Norwegian CSR-donations to Effective Charities

Pre-script Postet on behalf of Bruno and Eirin since they lack the necessary karma. I'm managing director of Stiftelsen Effekt and was part of the steering committee. Also see the relevant post by Tom Ash, Charity Science, from Jan 2015. As Markus Anderljung mentions in the comments, they also deem... Read More

Reorganizing EA NTNU into agile self-organizing teams

In this post we try to share our experience in reorganizing our EA student group. We think that our analysis of pitfalls and bottlenecks in a student organization and how we are trying to circumvent them could be valuable to read by EAs involved with other student groups.   EA... Read More
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What happend to this post? Is it retracted? The autor seem to be deleted or something. I was interested in learning how others with insight in this topic would respond and follow the debate.

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I would love to see more of the same kind of overview for other careers like computer science, consulting and economics. 80.000 hours should consider integrating such concrete, practical guides for choosing sub-fields.


EA introduction course and YouTube playlists

Hi guys! We are getting ready to accept new student members to our workgroups at EA NTNU this fall, and we want to make a course program for our new members to get them up to speed on central ideas, organisations and concepts within EA. The idea is to meet... Read More
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Do the charities have to be registered in some way in Norway?

Comment author: Jorgen_Ljones 16 July 2015 06:44:23PM *  2 points [-]

In order to be eligible for tax deduction you mean? No, they have to be registered inside the EEA, though.

EDIT: Ah, you meant for sending in videos. I don't know actually. Will try to find an answer.

EDIT again: Yes, the charities have to be "nationwide" and they are stating that they want to promote "ideal organisations and the voluntary work in our country". This is from the larges commercial TV station, but I think the same goes for the smaller media channels as well.


EA-commercials on national TV in Norway - for free!

TL;DR: Norwegian TV channels have to send informational videos from non-profits instead of regular commercials 4 days a year. The only important requirement is quality, which judging by the current videos, is set at a reachable level. We need input and people who can contribute with time, skills and/or funding.   Background... Read More

Book-campaign in Norway - The plan and a request for input

Norway is a country with short social distances between the common man and people with influence and power. We think there is a good chance to successfully reach out to these people by just contacting them directly. The release of Singers new book could be an excellent opportunity to try... Read More

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