A Research Framework to Improve Real-World Giving Behavior

Cross-posted from The Life You Can Save's blog .   What’s the best way to “sell” the idea of good giving? The short answer is, nobody really knows.   Marketing has been used to sell just about everything, so it stands to reason that it should be possible to “sell”... Read More

The Giving Game Project's 2017 Annual Report

The Giving Game Project has published a report discussing its philanthropy education work, the evidence base surrounding that work, and its plans for the future.  The full report is available here ; the Executive Summary is below. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY   Since the Giving Game Project’s last detailed update in mid-2016... Read More

The Life You Can Save's 2017 Annual Report and 2018 Strategic Plan

  The Life You Can Save's Annual Report describes our work and impact in 2017 and our plans for the future. The full report is available here.   Highlights from the Executive Summary are below: We moved over $3.6 million to our Recommended Nonprofits (RNPs) in 2017, while spending less than... Read More

The Giving Game Project's Vision and Strategic Plan

Cross-posted from The Life You Can Save's blog.   The Giving Game Project has an ambitious goal: we want to provide philanthropy education at a scale that will fundamentally shift the way people learn about, and practice, charitable giving.  Why do we think we can achieve this goal, and how... Read More

Are Giving Games a better way to teach philanthropy?

Wouldn’t it be nice if our educational system taught students about good giving?  The good news is that over $8 million has been spent teaching university students about philanthropy.  The bad news is that the prevailing model of student philanthropy hasn’t grown for the better part of a decade and... Read More

The Life You Can Save's 2016 Annual Report

The Life You Can Save’s 2016 Annual Report is out! Highlights of the year: We moved $2.7 million to our Recommended Nonprofits in 2016, while spending ~$300,000 on our operating expenses. This means that for every $1 we spent, we raised about $9 for our Recommended Nonprofits. Growth was strong... Read More

A Request for Funding from The Giving Game Project

Cross posted from The Life You Can Save blog. Executive Summary You can multiply the impact of your giving by  supporting the Giving Game Fund . By sponsoring Giving Games, you can help participants learn by giving. You’ll still be able to help great charities, but you’ll get added leverage... Read More

The Giving Game Project's Annual Report

Cross-posted from The Life You Can Save's blog.   Executive Summary With another school year in the books, it's time to take stock here at The Giving Game Project.    This report reflects back on our progress over the last year, where we stand relative to our long-term goals, and... Read More

Wish Peter Singer a happy 70th birthday!

This piece has been cross-posted from The Life You Can Save Blog .   On July 6 th , Peter Singer turns 70 years old!   At The Life You Can Save, we’re celebrating this momentous day by drawing attention to the lasting impact Peter Singer’s scholarship and advocacy has... Read More

The Life You Can Save's 2015 Year in Review

This report (cross-posted from The Life You Can Save's blog ) explains how The Life You Can Save performed on its key metrics in 2015 and provides a discussion of our impact as an organization.  We’re proud of our accomplishments over the year, particularly the progress we saw in the... Read More

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