The EA Community and Long-Term Future Funds Lack Transparency and Accountability

The Effective Altruism Funds publicly launched February 2017 . During the first year of their operation, Henry Stanley has noted multiple   times  on the Effective Altruism Forum that the EA Funds granted money and updates on the EA Funds website very infrequently. Since then, the Global Health & Development... Read More

Effective Altruism as Global Catastrophe Mitigation

Cross-posted to LessWrong and the Global Risk Research Network   Summary : In this post I posit how all heretofore activities of effective altruism, both of its original three causes and the ones we've seen its inception, essentially fit an evidence-based pattern-recognition system. I delineate the basis of this framework... Read More

Remote Volunteering Opportunities in Effective Altruism

Introduction There is a lot of discussion in effective altruism about how to use one's career to do good, either through earning to give as a donor to effective charities or organizations, or with your time through direct work  at  one of those organizations. In geographic hubs like Oxford or... Read More

Reducing Wild Animal Suffering Literature Library: Introductory Materials, Philosophical & Empirical Foundations

These are reading module put together by the members of the group  Wild Animal Welfare Project Discussion  as part of the  RWAS Literature Library Project . This series of articles and essays together lay out crucial considerations explaining and underpinning the reduction of wild animal suffering (RWAS) as a potential focus area for effective... Read More

Wild Animal Welfare Project Discussion: A One-Year Strategic Review

Summary: One year ago, I started the Facebook group Wild Animal Welfare Project Discussion to coordinate R&D projects in the network of wild animal suffering reducers in effective altruism, and as part of a broader project of figuring out how to coordinate and develop causes within effective altruism. This is... Read More

Ten Commandments for Aspiring Superforecasters

Cross-posted to LessWrong In the last several years, political scientist and forecasting research pioneer Philip Tetlock has made waves for the success of his research program in geopolitical forecasting, published in the form of the popular book  Superforecasting .  It's been discussed much in the effective altruism community, and  reviewed... Read More

Excerpt from 'Doing Good Better': How Vegetarianism Decreases Animal Product Supply

Over the last few years I've seen debates among EA community members over whether one's economic choices as a vegetarian have any effect on the supply of animal meat produced in industry. This has always perplexed me, as Will MacAskill wrote in  Doing Good Better about the mechanism by which... Read More

Lessons for Building Up a Cause

Introduction/Summary 2015 is the year when AI alignment and AI safety took off as causes taken seriously by the academic and industry worlds of AI research and the media. This has largely been attributed to influential world leaders in science and technology like Bill Gates, Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk.... Read More

Room For More Funding In AI Safety Is Highly Uncertain

(Crossposted to LessWrong) Introduction In effective altruism, people talk about the room for more funding (RFMF) of various organizations. RFMF is simply the maximum amount of money which can be donated to an organization, and be put to good use, right now. In most cases, “right now” typically refers to... Read More

Effective Altruism Is Exploring Climate Change Action, and You Can Be Part of It

  Related: Effective Altruism, Environmentalism, and Climate Change: An Introduction I could perhaps have listed "effective environmental altruism" as focus area 5. The environmental movement  in general  is large and well-known, but I'm not aware of many effective altruists who take environmentalism to be the most important cause for them... Read More

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