Cost Effectiveness of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

  The Problem The WHO estimates that depression and anxiety together account for 75,000,000 DALYs annually, making up ~5% of total DALYs. In “ Measuring the Impact of Mental Illness on Quality of Life” , I argue that there is good reason to think that the system used to generate... Read More

Measuring the Impact of Mental Illness on Quality of Life

  Introduction I am currently evaluating multiple interventions aimed at mental illness. In order to compare these to each other and interventions in other areas, it is important to make an estimate of severity of the problem and of the impact of interventions. Several standard systems for evaluating health interventions... Read More

Mental Health Shallow Review

What is the problem? Mental illness is a big umbrella covering many problems, some of which don’t have very much in common.  Broadly defined, a mental illness is a condition affecting a person’s thinking, emotions, or mood, which lacks a physical or environmental explanation. For example, both thyroid deficiency and... Read More

Map of Open Spaces in Effective Altruism

[cross-posted from my blog .  Corrections will go there rather than here] Effective altruism is really extraordinarily good at telling people where to give money, and pretty okay at telling people how to create less animal suffering.  Guidance on how to do anything else is substantially more opaque, because EA discourages a... Read More