AI impacts and Paul Christiano on takeoff speeds

Paul Christiano  and AI Impacts release posts arguing that a gradual improvement in AI capability is more likely than a discontinuous improvement.   

[Link] OpenPhil's Update on Cause Prioritization at Open Philanthropy

The Open Philanthropy Project have posted an update on cause prioritization on their website. 

Updates from the GiveWell blog

The latest updates from the GiveWell blog . Revisting the evidence on malaria eradication in the Americas Key questions about Helen Keller International's vitamin A supplementation program How uncertain is our cost-effectiveness analysis? Please comment on the GiveWell blog, rather than here. Crossposted by the forum admins.    

Updates from the Open Philanthropy Blog

The Open Philanthropy Project has published two blog posts in the last days: Our ‘Second Chance’ Program for NIH Transformative Research Applicants Staff Members' Personal Donations for Giving Season 2017 Crossposted by the forum admins.

Updates from the GiveWell Blog

GiveWell's blog has been very active recently. Here are the latest articles, crossposted by the forum admins. Update on our work on outreach Maximizing the impact of your donation: saving on fees means more money for great charities December 2017 open thread Give efficiently and reduce the work for charities... Read More