Comment author: ColinBested 18 November 2017 09:47:38PM 1 point [-]

I just played with Parable of the Polygons recently and I think it illustrates a simple general strategy for building more diversity which may underly many of the strategies in this article. The simple strategy is to have a preference against high levels of sameness (/homogeneity), given that one already has a preference for more diversity. I think it is important to not be okay with a demographically homogenous EA movement, manifested with more general strategies, e.g. 'I will try to notice, feel bad/ disapproving, and do something about an EA meeting with over 80% white, male, tech, etc.', along with the many great general and specific strategies in this article.

Thanks for the article Kelly.

Also, parable of the polygons is fun to play around with, aside from its instructive benefits. :)