Comment author: Bitton 08 June 2015 12:58:43AM *  7 points [-]

Some possible criteria:

  • Number of GWWC members
  • Number of GWWC pledge signers
  • Number of EA facebook group members
  • Amount of traffic on this website
  • Amount of money moved by GiveWell
  • Amount of 80k Hours career advice requests
  • Number of applications
  • Amount of media coverage
  • Amount of positive media coverage
  • Number of EA organizations and projects
  • Size and scale of EA organizations and projects
  • Number of job applications at EA organizations
  • Number of applications for EA funds, contests, and projects
  • Amount of money donated by EAs
  • Level of credibility EA holds in academia
In response to Should I be vegan?
Comment author: Bitton 17 May 2015 04:10:07PM 1 point [-]

I'm in a similar place to you.

One thing I think about that I didn't see you mention in your post is the pressure to remain consistent with this rise in your moral standards.

i.e. if eating meat has a Badness Score of -20 but eating dairy has a badness score of -10, then going from vegetarian to vegan seems to apply pressure on you to give up all your other behaviours that fall between -20 and -10 on the spectrum. (Maybe you now have to care more about recycling or something.)

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Thanks! Do any of these happen to be easily accessible online? I haven't been able to find them yet.


Should altruism be selfless?

This is my blogging carnival submission for this month. The topic is: "selflessness". Some moral philosophies emphasize consequences and outcomes at the expense of intentions. Other philosophies (including, I would say, common sense morality) place high value on good intentions even if those intentions happen to lead to bad outcomes.... Read More
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"238 EAs in our sample donated 1% of their income or more, and 84 EAs in our sample give 10% of their income."

I was surprised by this. In particular, 22% (127/588) of people identifying as EAs do not donate. (Of course they may have good reasons for not donating, e.g. if they are employed by an EA charity or if they are currently investing in order to give more in the future). Do we know why so many people identify as EAs but do not presently donate?

Comment author: Bitton 17 March 2015 01:24:33AM 7 points [-]

Probably because the average age is so low (~25) - lots of students and people just starting out their careers.


Bitton's 3-month Personal Review

This post is inspired by Peter Hurford's 3-month reviews . Although I don't spend as much time on direct EA work as Peter does, I think people here might find this interesting as a case study of the usefulness of productivity techniques and rigorous organization on personal effectiveness. My feeling... Read More

Figuring Good Out - February

Last month there were only two contributions on the topic of explaining effective altruism. Hopefully, we can get that number back up to 6 this March. Let me know if I missed your post and you want it to be included. In February: I wrote about a possible motte-and-bailey-esque issue... Read More
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Well, since nobody has asked anything...

Of all the arguments you've heard for de-prioritizing GCR reduction, which do you find most convincing?


Motte-and-Bailey Explanations of EA

This is my submission to February's FGO topic was about explaining effective altruism, especially in person. (We aren't searching for new explanations, as much as we are for meta-advice.) I've barely ever tried to explain EA-ish ideas to anybody in person. The few times that I have didn't go very... Read More
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FYI in case you didn't know, CFAR posts are automatically posted to the "Recent on EA Blogs" bar on the right side of the page, which is how I read this piece.

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