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Comment author: MichaelDickens  (EA Profile) 24 May 2016 04:22:45PM 2 points [-]

Good question! I know a decent number of people who believe that we should do some sort of far future animal-related work, but there aren't a lot of great ideas floating around. I hear some people say that we should do regular animal advocacy. I expect that this will have good effects for the far future, but I'm skeptical that it's actually the best thing we can do. (I talk about this in OP.)

I discuss high-leverage values spreading as well as a few organizations that look like they're doing that sort of thing. To my knowledge, it looks like the Foundational Research Institute is the only organization that explicitly does work on helping non-human minds in the far future.

As I discuss in OP, my favorite idea so far is working to make sure that a powerful AI ends up with animal-friendly values. FRI is doing work along these lines. I'm particularly optimistic about trying to push existing AI researchers toward caring more about animals, but I don't know an effective way to do this.