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Comment author: [deleted] 22 December 2015 03:05:23PM *  10 points [-]


This piece gives a little more information (just a little, not the book's worth that some commenters are demanding) to those who value both humans and non-human animals, and who must decide how to allocate charitable contributions among causes.

I must say that I'm greatly disappointed by the reaction this post has received. Encouraging rationality is more important to the EA movement than avoiding a small blemish on its PR record. The analysis and information you've provided, while incomplete, seems logical and is useful to me.

Also, I don't think changing the title of your post is warranted. Most EAs who care about human and non-human animals are donating to humans in "poor" countries and/or donating to promote animal welfare. Therefore, meat eater behavior in "poor" countries is an important "problem" for these EAs.