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Comment author: Raemon 31 October 2015 04:52:50PM 1 point [-]

Agora For Good is type 2. We're building a donation platform that:

a) make it easy for donors (in particular, people outside the EA community who have attachments to causes other than Global Health, X-Risk or EA-Meta-Charities) to find the most impactful charities they can within their cause area.

b) makes it easy and cheap for donors to give online to any nonprofit they want, while tracking their giving over time. (And, through the same process, makes it easier for noprofits to set up online donation collecting and tracking)

c) Over time, develop a scalable process to short charities roughly into the buckets of "possibly high impact", "probably high impact" and "definitely high impact", so as the effective giving becomes mainstream we're able to handle the increased flow of donations.

Comment author: Evan_Gaensbauer 09 November 2015 06:09:04AM 0 points [-]

This is great. I didn't expect to see another type-2 company besides Wave, so I'm pleased with this development.