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Comment author: Giles 14 December 2014 05:54:24PM 5 points [-]

Beeminder got me exercising. I recommend it if you have a tendency to put things off.

Comment author: Pablo_Stafforini 14 December 2014 07:27:34PM 1 point [-]

Beeminder has helped other EAs, too.

Comment author: Ales_Flidr 16 December 2014 02:40:50AM 0 points [-]

I've had great experience combining Beeminder with Fitocracy, which is a very easy way to quantify and gamify exercise. Prior to that, I had trouble comparing eg. run to gym workout. It usually made me resort to only running, which is easy to quantify, even though I knew it was sub-optimal.

Comment author: Geuss 15 December 2014 04:33:21AM 0 points [-]

Just set up an account!