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Comment author: turchin 27 September 2018 11:39:20PM *  0 points [-]

I could see three possible problems:

The method will create new suffering moments, and even may be those suffering moments, which will not exist otherwise. But there is a patch for it: see my comment above to Lukas.

The second possible problem is that the universe will be tiled with past simulations which try to resurrect any ant ever lived on Earth – and thus there will be an opportunity cost, as many other good things could be done. This could be patched by what could be called "cheating death in Damascus" approach where some timelines choose not to play this game by using a random generator, or by capping amount of resources which they may spend on the past sufferings prevention.

The third problem could be ontological, like a wrong theory of the human personal identity. But if a (pseudo)-Benevolent AI has a wrong understanding of the human identity, we will have many other problems, e.g. during uploading.