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Comment author: jackva 01 April 2018 02:44:05PM 5 points [-]

Thanks, Holden, for the AMA and everyone for their questions!

When looking at the application form initially, there was a mentioning of an applied task as part of the application -- as far as I can tell this has now been removed.

Could someone confirm this change? Does that mean that the application now only consists of the Google Form plus resume in the first stage?

Thanks in advance!

Comment author: lukeprog 02 April 2018 08:52:09PM *  2 points [-]

Yes, we recently removed a 2-question timed test from the job ad page. We wanted to lower the cost of submitting an initial application, and also we want to filter some applications before we request that applicants take the timed test. However, we are still using this timed test in an early part of our application process, and we still think it is diagnostic of who will be a good fit for our research analyst positions.

(I work for Open Phil.)

Comment author: jackva 03 April 2018 01:30:09PM 0 points [-]

Thanks, Luke!