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Comment author: purpleskates 10 March 2018 04:23:56PM 1 point [-]

This is well done! Acknowledging and talking about what makes hyper-rationalism repulsive to many people - mostly very unfairly! - is constructive and interesting.

Maybe out of scope, but in the introduction section describing EA, I'd probably also include a slide or two of some of the more reasonable criticisms of typical EA beliefs and behaviors as well, and separate those from the list of 10 barriers of bias and irrational intuition.

Doing that would better set aside the question of the merits of the EA approach, and make it easier to focus on these other blockers to wider adoption. It also would make the presentation come off more even-handed rather than "here are the bad reasons people don't support what I support". That might get you more buy-in from the more skeptical members of the audience, along with inducing some questioning about how to improve EA from people who do find the answers intuitive.