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Comment author: Michael_PJ 30 September 2017 11:15:47AM 4 points [-]

Interesting! Is there a plan to evaluate the grant projects after they reach some kind of "completion" point?

Comment author: Roxanne_Heston  (EA Profile) 30 September 2017 03:40:31PM 5 points [-]

Yes, although what exactly that will entail is still being worked out.

There's the weak form of evaluation -- whether or not they completed the objectives they set out when applying -- which we're doing for both "is this an obviously bad project?" and legal compliance reasons. We're also hoping to do Fermi estimates on the value produced as a result of projects, both changes in value in the world and of the recipient.

Since I'm not going to be in charge of this, though, this is more my recommendation for what to do than a plan.