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Comment author: astupple 29 August 2017 05:51:06PM 0 points [-]

I love this idea, so many spin-offs come to mind, though as you describe, reaching the scale to reliably quantify the impact appears difficult.

I wonder if a way to boost followup and engagement could be to ask the recipients to donate the value of the book itself to an effective charity? "This book cost $15, if you find it interesting, can you give $15 to AMF?"

It's still a bit tricky to track actual donation... maybe setting up a simple webpage for book recipients to donate to AMF. You could create two groups, one that gets the book and the website link, the other that gets the book and a specific ask to donate at least the value of the book.

Another thought is having a book fair, or tabling at an event. You could have a stack of free books, and have an internet device where they could donate on the spot in exchange for the book. You could compare numbers who took the book for free vs. took and donated.