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Comment author: Zeke_Sherman 22 April 2017 04:49:06AM *  2 points [-]

given how popular consequentialism is around here, would be likely to make certain sorts of people feel bad for not donating to EA Funds

This is wholly speculative. I've seen no evidence that consequentialists "feel bad" in any emotionally meaningful sense for having made donations to the wrong cause.

This is the same sort of effect people get from looking at this sort of advertising, but more subtle

Looking at that advertising slightly dulled my emotional state. Then I went on about my day. And you are worried about something that would even be more subtle? Why can't we control our feelings and not fall to pieces at the thought that we might have been responsible for injustice? The world sucks and when one person screws up, someone else is suffering and dying at the other end. Being cognizant of this is far more important than protecting feelings.

if, say, individual EAs had information about giving opportunities that were more effective than EA Funds, but donated to EA Funds anyways out of a sense of pressure caused by the "at least as good as OPP" slogan.

I think you ought to place a bit more faith in the ability of effective altruists to make rational decisions.