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Comment author: Ben_Todd 06 April 2017 08:10:47PM 3 points [-]

Just a quick aside: currently the mean individual income for a US college grad is about $77,000. If you have a kid, that's a bit lower, and these are 2016 figures, which makes them a bit higher. Still, I think upper middle class implies higher earning than the mean college grad.

See footnote 2 here: https://80000hours.org/career-guide/job-satisfaction/

I think of 'upper middle class' as jobs like doctor, finance, corporate management. The means here are quite a bit higher e.g. the mean income of doctors in the US is over $200k.

Comment author: RyanCarey 07 April 2017 07:28:58AM 6 points [-]

In my experience, what the Brits humbly call "upper middle class" is what Aussies would call upper class.