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Comment author: Jeff_Kaufman 05 January 2017 06:29:29PM 1 point [-]

Sounds like you definitely have inside info that I don't have, so for now I'd have to rely on my outside view, but I can work to acquire that inside info if I look into this more.

If you're interested in working for Wave, or are advising other people on whether it's a good idea for them, I could imagine they'd be quite interested in talking to you!

if it has consumption comparable to Kenya than my point is invalid. I just was concerned that it wouldn't.

It's poorer than Kenya.

Comment author: Peter_Hurford  (EA Profile) 05 January 2017 07:25:49PM 0 points [-]

That sounds pretty awesome, who do you think would be a good person to reach out to when I'm ready?

Comment author: Jeff_Kaufman 06 January 2017 09:07:28PM 0 points [-]

Ben Kuhn maybe?