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Comment author: zdgroff 06 December 2016 11:28:26PM 3 points [-]

Is there an easy way for us to get relevant updates on the conference as they come in? What about participating in planning - how can people do that?

Comment author: AmyLabenz 13 December 2016 08:50:55PM 1 point [-]

Thanks for your interest!

We will be posting updates here, at eaglobal.org, and in the EA Newsletter (you can sign up at effectivealtruism.org).

If you’d like to provide additional feedback or planning help outside of what is available on the forms, please email hello@eaglobal.org.

Comment author: Gina_Stuessy  (EA Profile) 10 January 2017 12:36:38PM 1 point [-]

Amy, are you involved with EAGx events at all? I've had trouble reaching people at CEA regarding EAGxMadison. If you are involved in that, and could email me at gstuessy@gmail.com that'd be much appreciated! (And sorry this is off-topic; I didn't see a way to message you directly through the EA Forum.)

Comment author: AmyLabenz 20 March 2017 07:52:20PM 0 points [-]

Even though we have already resolved this issue, I thought I'd leave my contact information here in case anyone has a similar issue in the future: amy@centreforeffectivealtruism.org