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Comment author: arunbharatula 10 November 2016 09:39:37AM *  0 points [-]

I think this is a really good question and I have been asking it myself from from a different angle. Firstly I want to point out that finding the right literature may not so much be because of an absence of that literature - but that you may be searching for terms which are used in EA circles when the academic community uses different terms. And, different disciplines use different terms for the same or similar concepts even - further complicating things.

I'll share some of my experience and I hope others can contribute here too.

I did some RA work for an econometrician on cost-effectiveness project in a health policy, programs and economics centre at my university. It was based in the school of population health, not the business school. From my impression it is health economists (welfare economists too?) who do the closest stuff to cause prioritisation. There are established priority setting is health priority setting. And, my supervisor worked on the Global Burden of Disease project. So, you may have to find suitable supervisors working on the most cause-prioritisation-ey projects who may very well not be available at your university.

I just finished a MSc (epidemiology). Even though I ended up doing research projects with health psychologists I found that cause prioritization stuff fits better into the way epidemiology papers tend to be written than economics/econometrics papers. My supervisors did raise their eyebrows when originally cited the Open Philanthropy Project (asking what credentials they had to set the agenda in their field - given they hadn't heard of them before) but were overall open-minded. I would expect that public policy or international development papers may be even more fitting for that kind of thinking.

Comment author: arunbharatula 23 November 2016 10:04:25AM 0 points [-]