Accountability buddies: a proposed system

tl;dr Perhaps the most valuable 15 minutes of your week could soon be having someone ask you: What are your frogs? How will you eat them? How can we improve this process?   Background Accountability buddies and coaching partnerships seem to be popular in this community. In my case, I... Read More

New research on effective climate charities

Founders Pledge has recently completed a large report on climate change, which recommends two new cost-effective climate change charities - the Clean Air Task Force and Coalition for Rainforest Nations . This is on our research page here  (which also has a report on mental health and will be supplemented... Read More

Impact Investing - A Viable Option for EAs?

A look into the utility curve between social utility vs financial return.  A macro view of the impact investing space.  Example investment options for EAs looking to do good while earning a return.   This is my first post for the EA Forum, on a topic that I’ve been quite interested... Read More

Ideas for Improving Funding for Individual EAs, EA Projects, and New EA Organizations

Background Shortly after the first EA Tech Initiatives video call this past weekend, I started thinking about a lot of observations I’ve had over the years about useful EA projects not getting funded or facing funding constraints. Several years ago I thought the EA community was highly funding constrained due... Read More

Open Thread #40

The last Open Thread was in October 2017 , so I thought we were overdue for a new one. Use this thread to post things that are awesome, but not awesome enough to be full posts. This is also a great place to post if you don't have enough karma... Read More

Governmental CBA as an EA Career Step: A Shallow Investigation

Summary This post argues that EAs should consider performing and improving governmental cost-benefit analysis (“CBA”) as a career path or step. I identify at least four reasons why this is a good idea: Working in CBA has direct positive impact on the allocation of government resources Analysts might be able... Read More

Positly wants to accelerate social science research and have a greater impact within the EA community… and you can help

Have you ever wanted to conduct online human subject research? Have you ever wished academics and startups were better at providing tools to improve our health, decision making and wellbeing? Have you wanted to understand how it is that we think and how we change our minds? Have you ever... Read More

Potential funding gap: full-time EA community strategisers

By "EA community strategy" I mean: Given the goal of "doing the most good", and the potentially extremely valuable resource of an existing community of thousands of talented people broadly aligned around this goal, what needs to happen next? Are there any such people? Nearly everyone I can think of... Read More

How to have cost-effective fun

My husband Joey and I run a nonprofit, and we pay ourselves what we would make if the world’s wealth was entirely equally distributed. Often when people hear this they think that we live like austere monks, eating nothing but rice and beans, drinking only water, and working until we... Read More

The Values-to-Actions Decision Chain: a lens for improving coordination

This post contains: 1. an exposition of a high-level model 2. some claims on what this might mean strategically for the EA community Effective Altruism is challenging . Some considerations require you to zoom out to take an eagle-eye view across a vast landscape of possibility (e.g. to research moral... Read More

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