Is Effective Altruism fundamentally flawed?

Update on Mar 21:  I have completely reworked my response to Objection 1 to make it more convincing to some and hopefully more clear. I would also like to thank everyone who has responded thus far, in particular brianwang712, Michael_S, kbog and Telofy  for sustained and helpful discussions. Update on Apr 10:... Read More

Introducing Czech Association for Effective Altruism - history

This is a first part of two-part post about effective altruism in the Czech Republic, describing its history and reflections on what worked.   I think it can be useful - to share experiences with building the EA community in a country where it did not exist (even if it... Read More

Avoiding AI Races Through Self-Regulation

The first group to build artificial general intelligence or AGI stands to gain a significant strategic and market advantage over competitors, so companies, universities, militaries, and other actors have strong incentives to race to build AGI first. An AGI race would be dangerous, though, because it would prioritize capabilities over... Read More

Reading group guide for EA groups

Hi,  I'm Risto Uuk and I run EA Estonia. We started organizing reading groups last semester. We tried to find relevant guides for that, but weren't able to find anything comprehensive in the EA community. Because of the need, we started to create a guide ourselves. It's a draft and... Read More

Opportunities for individual donors in AI safety

Tl;dr Over the past few years, the availability of funding for AI safety projects has increased significantly. Yet opportunities for individual donors to find high impact grant opportunities remain. In this post I review the recent history of AI safety organizations, speculate on the ways in which funding early AI... Read More

Cognitive and emotional barriers to EA's growth

This morning I gave a colloquium to my Psychology Department here at University of New Mexico. Most of the 30+ audience members had never heard of EA, although a few had a vague idea about it. I analyzed 10 cognitive and emotional barriers that people face in accepting EA approaches... Read More

Policy prioritization in a developed country

Hi guys, I would appreciate your opinions here. I’m working on an EA-aligned project and would like to brainstorm how to fine-tune my approach to it. I think there is a lot of exploration value hidden in this project.  It falls into the category of prioritization research and improving institutional decision-making. The project is... Read More

Founders Pledge is seeking a Community Manager

Job description   ROLE SUMMARY You will be the face of the community who engages, activates and coordinates our top priority members by building meaningful relationships and making sure they are getting the most out of their experience. This will involve an in depth understanding of our pledgers, a gregarious... Read More

Why not to rush to translate effective altruism into other languages

Over the last year, I’ve been doing research into the intersection between effective altruism in China (see our recent article on the topic). I participated in a retreat in Hong Kong on this topic, and oversaw the funding and mentoring of someone to work full-time on research and advising to... Read More

[Paper] Surviving global risks through the preservation of humanity's data on the Moon

My, with David Denkenberger, article about surviving global risks through the preservation of the data on the Moon has been accepted in Acta Astronautica. Such data preservation is similar to the digital immortality with the hope that next civilization on Earth will return humans to life. I also call this... Read More

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