Introducing EA Work Club – high-impact jobs and side projects for EAs

If you're looking to find a high-impact job, or do some high-impact volunteering, it's hard to know where to look. (There's the 80,000 Hours job board – which is great, though doesn't accept public submissions, and is skewed towards AI research openings. It also has a few listings that are... Read More

Project for Awesome: You can move ~$1K to a top charity by making a short video - no talent required!

Project for Awesome (a project of John and Hank Green) is running from December 15th-17th, and a bunch of money will go to charity. We can influence some of the donations by making videos for our chosen charities, uploading them from noon EST on December the 15th, and then having... Read More

Wild-Animal Suffering Research’s Plans for 2018 and RFMF

Cross-posted on behalf of Persis Eskander of the Wild-Animal Suffering Research team.   -- Summary Wild animals suffer on an immense scale, we don’t yet have solutions to this suffering and very few people are concerned. The Wild-Animal Suffering Research (WASR) project’s mission is to find a path to reduce... Read More

Causal Network Model IV: Climate Catastrophe

This is a writeup of a finding from the Causal Networks Model, created by CEA summer research fellows Alex Barry and Denise Melchin. Owen Cotton-Barratt provided the original idea, which was further developed by Max Dalton. Both, along with Stefan Schubert, provided comments and feedback throughout the process.   This... Read More

Cash transfers are not necessarily wealth transfers

Here’s a common argument: The problem with the poor is that they haven’t got enough money. There’s ample empirical evidence backing this up. Therefore, the obviously-correct poverty intervention is to simply give the poor cash. You might be able to do better than this, but it’s a solid baseline and... Read More

Would any EA chapters like help running an AdWords grants account?

This post is primarily addressed to people working for EA chapters in the UK and internationally. Please read on if you are interested in either setting up a Google Grants AdWords Account, or if you want support with one you have already set up.   Pro Bono Work I work... Read More

Cost Effectiveness of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

  The Problem The WHO estimates that depression and anxiety together account for 75,000,000 DALYs annually, making up ~5% of total DALYs. In “ Measuring the Impact of Mental Illness on Quality of Life” , I argue that there is good reason to think that the system used to generate... Read More

[LINK] AMA by Animal Charity Evaluators on Reddit

Animal Charity Evaluators is currently doing an Ask Me Anything session  on the /r/vegan subreddit. If you have any questions about ACE's 2017 charity recommendations, this would be an ideal place to directly ask the researchers at ACE. Even if you come across this link after the AMA concludes, you... Read More

Wild-Animal Suffering Research 2017 Retrospective

Cross-posted on behalf of the Wild-Animal Suffering Research team.   --   Note: This post is an update on the progress of the Wild-Animal Suffering Research project. If you’re not familiar with this project, you can read our launch post and mission . Background Wild-Animal Suffering Research (WASR) launched as... Read More

Charity Science Health has room for more funding

Summary Charity Science Health (CSH) currently has a room for funding gap of approximately $495,000 USD over the next 2.5 years (or $247,500 over 1 year). Filling this gap would allow us to: Run our program and directly save lives Run an RCT on our program to evaluate its effects... Read More

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