Update on Effective Altruism Funds

This post is an update on the progress of Effective Altruism Funds. If you’re not familiar with EA Funds please check out our launch post and our original concept post . The EA Funds website is here.   EA Funds launched on February 28, 2017. In our launch post we... Read More

Intro to caring about AI alignment as an EA cause

I recently gave a talk at Google on the problem of aligning smarter-than-human AI with operators' goals. Below is a modified transcript, in case people here are interested. I think it provides a decent introduction to "AI risk" as a cause-area worthy of attention from effective altruists. I post it... Read More

Two Easy Ways to Help Each Other

I think there are probably a lot of ways we can use our connections, credentials, and experience to help each other -- especially extremely promising EAs who are early in their careers -- in ways that don't require a lot of effort. Forgive me if this has already been discussed before.... Read More

How accurately does anyone know the global distribution of income?

Cross posted from the 80,000 Hours blog .   How much should you believe the numbers in charts like this? People in the effective altruism community often refer to the global income distribution to make various points: The richest people in the world are many times richer than the poor. People... Read More

How do EA Orgs Account for Uncertainty in their Analysis?

This essay was jointly written by Peter Hurford, Kathryn Mecrow, and Simon Beard[1].   Effective altruism is about figuring out how to do the most good ; when working with limited resources, whether financial or otherwise, and faced with opportunity costs, how do we measure the good of the impact of... Read More

Surviving Global Catastrophe in Nuclear Submarines as Refuges

Our article about using nuclear submarines as refuges in case of a global catastrophe has been accepted for the Futures  journal and its preprint is available online. Preventing global risks or surviving them is good application of EA efforts. Converting existing nuclear submarines into refuges may be cheap intervention with high... Read More

Students for High-Impact Charity Interim Report

SHIC has released an Interim report detailing our progress through 2016. Read the Executive Summary below, or view the full report here . *** SHIC Interim Report: Executive Summary This report comes following the close of our first semester of operation, four months after the organization secured target funding to... Read More

Applications are open for EA Global Boston

Applications for EA Global Boston are now open ! Our plan is to respond to applications within seven days of receiving them. If you haven’t heard from us by then, please check any filtered inboxes or email us at hello@eaglobal.org. The early bird price for Boston is $334 until April... Read More

An Effective Altruist Message Test

I decided to run an Effective Altruist message on a full population survey I have access to, use bayesian message testing software to analyze the results, and share the results with the EA community on the forum.   I tested several EA themed messages aimed at increasing respondents’ interest in... Read More

A Third Take on Trump

Following two other posts  on Trump, I think there is a third viewpoint which seems more true after observing the first few months.  The election of Trump could be a net positive vs Clinton, but not because he is a better president. This is based on two assumptions: The president’s... Read More

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