Bangladesh is in Desperate Need For Effective Altruists

Hello all, I've only recently come across the effective altruism community, and I have to say that I'm thrilled to see so many people actively seeking the best ways to make positive impact. It's absolutely refreshing and pushes one to do the same, reminding one that our time here on... Read More

Harvard EA's 2018–19 Vision

A Vision for Harvard EA, 2018–19 Cullen O’Keefe, President Google Doc Version  (easier-to-read with footnotes) Preface This document will hopefully provide a short, comprehensible, and concrete model for how I would like to run the Harvard University Effective Altruism Student Group (“HUEASG”)  this year.[1] I’m sharing it here so that... Read More

Why are you here? An origin stories thread.

tl;dr I think origin stories are useful. Please share yours if you like. Here's mine.   Introduction I generally find "origin stories" - personal accounts of how people first become involved with EA - to be quite illuminating, and I think that the bulk of their value comes from their... Read More

Problems with EA representativeness and how to solve it

An issue a lot of EAs have, but I think few have formalized in writing, is a concern with cause representation within the EA movement.  The basic idea behind representation is that the materials created or aimed at being part of the public-facing view of EA are in line with... Read More

Leverage Research: reviewing the basic facts

Resources spent Leverage Research has now existed for over 7.5 years 1 Since 2011, it has consumed over 100 person-years of human capital. From 2012-16, Leverage Research spent $2.02 million, and the associated Institute for Philosophical Research spent $310k. 23 Outputs Some of the larger outputs of Leverage Research include: Work on Connection Theory: although... Read More

One for the World as a potential vehicle to expand the reach of Effective Altruism

Overview One for the World has been run entirely by volunteers since we started in 2014, but we have now made our first full time hire , with a generous grant from the Open Philanthropy Project and a private donor, on the recommendation of GiveWell. We have made significant progress... Read More

A Critical Perspective on Maximizing Happiness

I know of two substantially different approaches to deal with the difficulties of the world. The stoic approach is about making oneself accept the things how they are, no matter how horrible, painful and frightening. Acceptance is a rather leveled emotional state, unlike happiness which is a one sided set of... Read More

The EA Community and Long-Term Future Funds Lack Transparency and Accountability

The Effective Altruism Funds publicly launched February 2017 . During the first year of their operation, Henry Stanley has noted multiple   times  on the Effective Altruism Forum that the EA Funds granted money and updates on the EA Funds website very infrequently. Since then, the Global Health & Development... Read More

The Ethics of Giving part one: Thomas Hill on the Kantian perspective on giving

A review and critique of the first section of the volume The Ethics of Giving: Philosophers' Perspectives on Philanthropy , edited by Paul Woodruff, with an emphasis on issues relevant to the decision making of Effective Altruists. Hill is a distinguished Kant scholar who looks at what Kantian theory has... Read More

EA Forum 2.0 Initial Announcement

At the request of Ryan Carey, who set up the EA Forum, CEA took over its running last year, as announced in this post . Here we give an update on what we plan to do with it. These are our initial thoughts - we’d welcome feedback on how they... Read More

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