Blood Donation: (Generally) Not That Effective on the Margin

[Note: This originally came out of a  post  on the Facebook group, which was then reversed in light of Gregory Lewis's expert  comments . The substance of this article is his; any errors are mine.] If no one donated blood, a lot of trauma/hemorrhage victims would die, and the world would... Read More

How much donation splitting is there, and should you split?

Cross-posted from my blog . Table of contents Table of contents Summary Many of us split Individual examples EA funds data Naive approach: distribution of allocation percentages Less naive apprach: weighted distribution of allocation percentages Best approach: user totals Other data Arguments for splitting Empirical uncertainty combined with risk aversion... Read More

Paper Ballots in the 2020 US Election

                                                              Here’s a cause which may be worthy of EA attention: trying to ensure that all U.S. states must use... Read More

Reading recommendations for the problem of consequentialist scope?

Determining which scope of outcomes to consider when making a decision seems like a difficult problem for consequentialism. By "scope of outcomes" I mean how far into the future and how many links in the causal chain to incorporate into decision-making. For example, if I'm assessing the comparative goodness of two... Read More

Does Effective Altruism Lead to the Altruistic Repugnant Conclusion?

Gianfranco Pellegrino has written an interesting essay arguing that effective altruism leads to what he calls the Altruistic Repugnant Conclusion. In this post, I will provide a brief version of his argument and then note one possible response. The Argument Pellegrino beings by identifying the following as the core tenet of effective... Read More

EAGx Relaunch

For those of you who have been following, Effective Altruism Global X (EAGx) — the locally organized international conference series of the Effective Altruism community — has been relatively inactive since late last year. This post is an update on why it had a hiatus and how it has changed.... Read More

Towards a measure of Autonomy and what it means for EA

Autonomy is a human value that is referenced in discussions around effective altruism. However I have not seen any attempts to formalise autonomy so we can try and discern the impacts our decisions will have on autonomy in the future.    *Epistemic Status: Exploratory*    In this article I shall... Read More

Why I think the Foundational Research Institute should rethink its approach

The following is my considered evaluation of the Foundational Research Institute, circa July 2017. I discuss its goal, where I foresee things going wrong with how it defines suffering, and what it could do to avoid these problems. TL;DR version : functionalism ("consciousness is the sum-total of the functional properties... Read More

An Argument for Why the Future May Be Good

In late 2014, I ate  lunch with an EA who prefers to remain anonymous. I had originally been of the opinion that, should humans survive, the future is likely to be bad. He convinced me to change my mind about this. I haven’t seen this argument written up anywhere and... Read More

An argument for broad and inclusive "mindset-focused EA"

Summary:  I argue for a very broad, inclusive EA, based on the premise that the culture of a region is more important than any specific group within that region, and that broad and inclusive EA will help shift the overall culture of the world in a better direction. As a concrete... Read More

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