Talking about the Giving What We Can Pledge

Giving What We Can estimate a pledge as being worth approximately $73,000 in donations to effective charities, and so getting people to take the pledge who wouldn’t have taken it otherwise seems like a highly valuable activity. This year's GWWC pledge campaign started on Tuesday 29th November and will finish... Read More

Tell us how to improve the forum

  EA Forum volunteers are doing a brief survey to get a better idea about how people use the forum and what they think about it. Your response will help us decide how much effort should be invested in improving various aspects of the forum.   Fill Out the Survey... Read More

Individual Project Fund: Further Details

[Cross-posted from my blog .] In my post on where I plan to donate in 2016 , I said that I would set aside $2000 for funding promising projects that I come across in the next year: The idea behind the project fund is … [to] give in a low-friction... Read More

Effective Altruism Forum web traffic from Google Analytics

Note: If you are using uBlock you may not be able to see the images, because they have "/google-analytics" in the name and uBlock is a bit ... paranoid ... about blocking file names with that substring. Please disable uBlock for effective-altruism.com or temporarily disable it to see images. As... Read More

Risk-neutral donors should plan to make bets at the margin at least as well as giga-donors in expectation

[Disclosures and disclaimers: I do work for the Future of Humanity Institute, and significant consulting for Open Phil. I have previously worked at MIRI, and consulted for 80,000 Hours/CEA. I have advised the EA Giving Group DAF regarding donations, and suggested to Paul Christiano that he facilitate the donor lottery... Read More

Semi-regular Open Thread #35

We used to have Open Threads on this forum. I was hoping someone would bring them back. No one did. So now I'm the change I want to see in the world. Use this thread to post things that are awesome, but not awesome enough to be full posts. This... Read More

Charity Science Effective Legacies

Below is an article Charity Science published in Quartz to promote our recently updated Effective Legacies campaign. It’s a good introduction to the concept for friends and relatives who may be interested in bequeathing to GiveWell’s top charities.   ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   Title: Want to maximize your legacy? Don’t leave any... Read More

Resources regarding AI safety

Hello everyone,    I've finished Superintelligence (amazing!) and  Our Last Invention (also great), and I was wondering what else I can read regarding AI safety? Also, what should I be doing to increase my chances of being able to work on this as a career? I'm in college now, majoring... Read More

My Donations for 2016

[Cross-posted from by blog .] The following explains where I plan to donate in 2016, with some of my thinking behind it. This year, I had $10,000 to allocate (the sum of my giving from 2015 and 2016, which I lumped together for tax reasons; although I think this was... Read More

Why I Took the Giving What We Can Pledge

Many people ask me how I became involved in effective altruism. It all started with God. In the fall of 2010, I read Richard Carrier’s Sense and Goodness Without God and Nicholas Everitt’s The Nonexistence of God . I can’t say that I believed in God prior to reading these... Read More

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