Effective Altruism Foundation update: Plans for 2018 and room for more funding

This post provides an overview of the Effective Altruism Foundation’s plans for the coming year. A version of this update was also published on our blog . The Effective Altruism Foundation is a Berlin-based EA meta-charity that fundraises for EA charities, builds the German-speaking EA community, and does research on... Read More

Fundraiser: Political initiative raising an expected USD 30 million for effective charities

Summary The Germany-based Stiftung für Effektiven Altruismus has just launched a popular initiative in the city of Zurich, Switzerland, asking for 1% of the city's budget to be donated to highly effective global health charities. The city's budget amounts to about USD 9 billion, which means the city would potentially... Read More

Political initiative: Fundamental rights for primates

Summary Sentience Politics , a project by the Stiftung für Effektiven Altruismus (Effective Altruism Foundation), is launching a popular initiative for fundamental rights for primates in Basel, Switzerland. On collecting 3000 signatures, the world's first legally binding vote on fundamental rights for a non-human species will take place. As most... Read More