Surviving Global Catastrophe in Nuclear Submarines as Refuges

Our article about using nuclear submarines as refuges in case of a global catastrophe has been accepted for the Futures  journal and its preprint is available online. Preventing global risks or surviving them is good application of EA efforts. Converting existing nuclear submarines into refuges may be cheap intervention with high... Read More

The Map of Impact Risks and Asteroid Defense

This map is part of the “ Map of Natural Risks ” which is in turn part of the map “ Typology of Global Risks. ”    The main ideas of the map   1. The danger posed by asteroids is diminishing as technology advances, mostly because we will prove... Read More

The Map of Shelters and Refuges from Global Risks (Plan B of X-risks Prevention)

This map is part of the map : “ Plan of action to prevent human extinction risks ” . This map zooms in the Plan B of x-risks prevention. The main idea of the map: There are many ways how to create x-risks shelter, but they have only marginal utility... Read More

The map of organizations, sites and people involved in x-risks prevention

The map of x-risk-preventing organizations, people and internet resources   Three known attempts to make a map of x-risks prevention in the field of science exist. First is the list from the Global Catastrophic Risks Institute in 2012-2013, and many links there are  already not working: http://gcrinstitute.org/organization-directory/   The second... Read More

The Map of Global Warming Prevention

TL;DR: Small probability of runaway global warming requires preparation of urgent unconventional measures of its prevention that is sunlight dimming.   Abstract: The most expected version of limited global warming of several degrees C in 21 century will not result in human extinction, as even the thawing after Ice Age... Read More

Plan of Action to Prevent Human Extinction Risks

Abstract:  During the last few years a significant number of global risks have been discovered that threaten human existence. These include, to name but a few, the risk of harmful AI, the risk of genetically modified viruses and bacteria, the risk of uncontrollable nanorobots-replicators, the risk of a nuclear war... Read More