Looking for People Interested in Exploring Plant-Based Startups

I'm considering founding a plant-based meat startup and would love to be connected to anyone who is interested in further researching this with me (bio at the end). I’m currently researching this option primarily with Daniel Gastfriend and Joan Gass, two grad students at Harvard and Stanford who are also... Read More

How Two EAs Got Published in the New York Times

This article was coauthored with Sophie Hermanns. Last spring, two EAs (us) were published in NYT as co-authors alongside Mark Bittman, writing about the consequences that factory farming has for human health. We were asked by several people to provide some brief tips about how to publish op-eds in similarly... Read More

The Moral Obligation to Organize

This post is coauthored with Sophie Hermanns, PhD candidate at the University of Cambridge and a visiting fellow at Harvard University   Effective altruists are very interested in moral obligations and have developed a set of norms mainly focused on charitable giving and the use of our careers. For example,... Read More

The Meat Eater Problem: Developing an EA Response

One issue that Effective Altruism has not fully developed a coherent response to concerns the “meat eater problem”: this is the concern that saving human life increases animal suffering as meat consumption goes up. This argument is usually called the “poor meat eater problem,” but I think this term is... Read More