The Values-to-Actions Decision Chain: a lens for improving coordination

This post contains: 1. an exposition of a high-level model 2. some claims on what this might mean strategically for the EA community Effective Altruism is challenging . Some considerations require you to zoom out to take an eagle-eye view across a vast landscape of possibility (e.g. to research moral... Read More

The first AI Safety Camp & onwards

co-author:  Linda Linsefors   Summary Last month, 5 teams of up-and-coming researchers gathered to solve concrete problems in AI alignment at our 10-day AI safety research camp in Gran Canaria. This post describes the event format we came up with our experience & lessons learned in running it in Gran... Read More

The Values-to-Actions Decision Chain: a rough model

I'm curious to hear your thoughts on the rough model described below. The text is taken from our one-pager on organising the EAGx Netherlands conference in late June.  EDIT: By implying below that, for example, a social entrepreneur should learn about population ethics from a Oxford professor to increase impact (and the professor can... Read More

Proposal for the AI Safety Research Camp

Ways in which you can contribute: Give your feedback below or in the  GDoc Apply  to take part in the Gran Canaria camp on 12-22 April  (deadline: 12 February) Join  the Facebook group   Below, we share our plans to launch an AI Safety Research Camp this year (a repost... Read More

Reflections on community building in the Netherlands

Authors : Remmelt Ellen and Sjir Hoeijmakers Here, we share our key lessons since launching the community-building organisation Effective Altruism Netherlands this year, as well as our plans for 2018. We want your feedback: both in the comments below and if you see us at EAG London. Below, we have... Read More

Effective Altruism as a Market in Moral Goods – Introduction

This is post 1 of a 5-part series, where I tentatively apply the market and network concepts in the table below (links to definitions/examples) to hopefully gain a better applied understanding of how the EA community operates. I welcome your feedback in the comments section throughout.   1) Introduction 2)... Read More

Testing an EA network-building strategy in the Netherlands

Last January, Effective Altruism Netherlands (EAN) became a registered charity in the Netherlands. The organisation consists of a three-person board and two full-time employees, Sjir Hoeijmakers and yours truly (Remmelt Ellen). Note: as of writing, we are still fundraising to cover our salaries. On 28 May, we publicly launched with... Read More