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Great to see a nuanced different perspective I'd be interested in how work on existing multi-agent problems can be translated into improving the value-alignment of a potential singleton (reducing the risk of theoretical abstraction uncoupling from reality with).

Amateur question: would it help to also include back-of-the-envelop calculations to make your arguments more concrete?

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This was insightful for me. I'd especially be interested in the impact evaluation models.

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Thank you for this article. My own concern is that I've personally had little access to guidance on movement building (in the Netherlands) from people more experienced/knowledgeable on this area. I've therefore have had to try to understand the risks and benefits for considerations like EA's 'strictness' vs. the number of people it appeals to myself. I don't think someone with a 'coordinator' role like me should be expected to rigorously compile and evaluate research on movement building by him or herself.

My default position with which I started last year was to get as many concrete EA actions happening immediately as possible (e.g. participants, donations, giving pledges, career changes, etc.) to create the highest multiplier that I could. What intuitively follows from that is to do lots of emotionally appealing marketing (and get on TV if possible). I've encountered other people at other local groups and national organisations who seemed to think this way at least in part (I'm probably exaggerating this paragraph slightly, also to drive home my point).

I'd like to point out that in the last year, EA Flanders, EA France, EA Australia and EA Netherlands (and probably others which I've missed) have launched. Also, the number of local groups still seem to be growing rapidly (I count 313 on EA Hubs though some are missing and some are inactive). I think it would be a mistake to (implicitly) assume that the entrepreneurial people taking initiative here will come to conclusions that incorporate the currently-known risks and benefits to the future impact of the EA movement by themselves.

If the CEA Research Division is building an expertise in this area, I would suggest it starts giving the option to these individual leaders of grassroots local & national groups (with say member count >20) to do short Skype calls where it can share and discuss its insights on movement building as it's relevant in each local context.

I'd happily connect CEA researchers with other interested national group leaders to test this out (and be the first to sign up myself). Feel free to send me a quick message at remmeltellenis(at}gmail{dot)com (an alternative is to go through CEA Chapters/the Group Organisers call.)

Edits: some spelling & grammar nitpicks, further clarification and call-to action.

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I'm impressed both by how much valuable time this saves for earning-to-givers in the EA community to work on other problems and the how user-friendly and intuitive the UI is (Rob's concerns sound valid though).

Unfortunately, in the tiny country of the Netherlands, it does not look viable yet to link to (or potentially embed this) into a website (like because there's no tax-deductibility yet.

Does anyone here have any insights on the following donation-related questions? 1) Are there plans to integrate this with Effective Altruism Foundation at some point to allow for tax deductibility for other European countries (e.g. listing the 4 EA funds in the EAF donation drop-down box)?

2) Is EAF planning on allowing making their donation box embeddable in websites any time this year (I heard talk of it)?

I'd also be interested in hearing your arguments on how not to promote donations to EA-recommended charities in general on websites/social media. What big and more subtle mistakes could you imagine outreach people making (e.g. misrepresenting EA?).