Resources regarding AI safety

Hello everyone,    I've finished Superintelligence (amazing!) and  Our Last Invention (also great), and I was wondering what else I can read regarding AI safety? Also, what should I be doing to increase my chances of being able to work on this as a career? I'm in college now, majoring... Read More

Lunar Colony

Should the establishment of a permanent lunar colony (possibly even terraforming) as a form of life insurance be a priority for humanity from a consequentialist perspective?   
Comment author: purplepeople 17 December 2016 06:59:32PM 3 points [-]

This is an excellent post. I've been struggling myself to understand to what extend deontological values and the inherent irrationality of humans need to be factored into consequentialist decision making. I've become more and more convinced that values and social norms matter much more than I had previously thought.

Comment author: purplepeople 10 November 2016 08:19:33PM 4 points [-]

If we pull the camera back far enough, my guess is in a generation or two America will be on a good track again, so long as Trump doesn't start a war or use our nuclear warheads. As the White House Press Secretary said, the institutions of the U.S. have survived a civil war, 2 world wars, and the Great Depression. This will be a bad 4 years with adverse consequences on the rest of the world. Putin will be on the offensive, both in reality and in cyberspace. And U.S. carbon emissions will increase. But I still believe AI risk is the most dangerous threat to humanity.

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Hey! College student here, studying math and Russian. What's the best way I can help get EA to catch on in Russia? VK posts?