Comment author: the_jaded_one 29 January 2017 01:36:47PM *  3 points [-]

One way to resolve our initial skepticism would be to have a trusted expert in the field

And in what field is Chloe Cockburn a "trusted expert"?

If we go by her twitter, we might say something like "she is an expert left-wing, highly political, anti-trump, pro-immigration activist"

Does that seem like a reasonable characterization of Chloe Cockburn's expertise to you?

Characterizing her as "Trusted" seems pretty dishonest in this context. Imagine someone who has problems with EA and Cosecha, for example because they were worried about political bias in EA. Now imagine that they got to know her opinions and leanings, e.g. on her twitter. They wouldn't "trust" her to make accurate calls about the effectiveness of donations to a left-wing, anti-Trump activist cause, because she is a left-wing anti-Trump activist. She is almost as biased as it is possible to be on this issue, the exact opposite of the kind of person whose opinion you should trust. Of course, she may have good arguments since those can come from biased people, but she is being touted as a "trusted expert", not a biased expert with strong arguments, so that is what I am responding to.

Comment author: ozymandias 29 January 2017 02:23:11PM *  9 points [-]

I am uncertain why someone would choose to figure out what other people's area of expertise is from Twitter. Most people's Twitters contain their political opinions-- as you point out-- and do not contain their CV.

If you look at her LinkedIn, which seems to me to be a more appropriate source of information about her expertise, you'll discover that in addition to being the current program officer at OpenPhil specializing in criminal justice (which is presumably why she was asked), she was also a former advocacy and policy counsel for the ACLU specializing in ending mass incarceration and a lawyer who specialized in holding police accountable for wrongful convictions. This seems to me like a person who does, in fact, have informed opinions about ending mass incarceration.

Comment author: DanielFilan  (EA Profile) 12 October 2014 12:46:10PM 6 points [-]

Great article! I have recently had success in reducing my intake of unhealthy snacks by setting a $20 fine (to be donated to an EA charity) for each time I ate one for a one-month period. This meant that I could easily get 'back on the wagon' by paying the fine, and continue to aim high. I imagine a similar system could be used to transition into veganism.

Slightly off-topic, but are you aware that there are brands of vegan ice cream?

Comment author: ozymandias 13 October 2014 05:15:23AM 4 points [-]

I've also found that sorbet hits the sweet + cold buttons and I tend to find it tastier than soy or rice milk ice cream.

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