An easy way for charities to increase revenue: Add Apple Pay and Google Pay to donation checkout

"Additionally, “tens of thousands” of Shopify’s merchants now offer Apple Pay for checkout. Web stores supporting Apple Pay have experienced an increase of up to 200% in their checkout conversion rate on mobile." somethingdigital.com/blog/the-key-to-success-in-ecommerce-2017-apple-pay/ This absolutely matches my experience. I've donated to a few of the Google donation drives around... Read More

Where can I donate to support insect welfare?

As the title says.   This feels undervalued to me and I'd like to donate to support it.   Do you know of any good charities/non-profits/etc to donate for insect welfare?

Has someone migrated/exported the .impact HackPad?

Hackpad is shutting down (imminently?)   Seems to be lots of good content on this hackpad:  https://impact.hackpad.com/   Has someone exported it somewhere else where it is publicly accessible? I think any hackpad "owners" can do an automatic export.

Note: Jeff Bezos posted on Twitter today asking for philanthropy ideas

https://twitter.com/JeffBezos/status/875418348598603776   He also notes that he welcomes hearing that his strategy is wrong.