500 Million, But Not A Single One More

(Originally published Dec 9 2014 on  https://blog.jaibot.com/500-million-but-not-a-single-one-more/ ) We will never know their names. The first victim could not have been recorded, for there was no written language to record it. They were someone’s daughter, or son, and someone’s friend, and they were loved by those around them. And they... Read More

Meetup : Secular Solstice (Seattle)

Discussion article for the meetup : Secular Solstice (Seattle) WHEN: 13 December 2014 05:30:00PM (-0800) WHERE: Seattle, WA Venue to be determined; Inspired by Raymond Arnold's Secular Solstice, we're putting together something similar. There will be song and dance and food and drink and small amounts of fire, reflecting on... Read More