Comment author: itty 26 March 2018 06:33:00PM 4 points [-]

The job description for Research Analyst says that the best candidates will have "comfort thinking in terms of expected value and using systematic, quantitative frameworks." How quantitative should a candidate be to apply? For example, if a person feels comfortable with basic expected value concepts but finds GiveWell's CEA overwhelming (and probably could never produce something similar to GiveWell's CEA), is that not quantitative enough?

Comment author: itty 26 March 2018 06:18:01PM 3 points [-]

Who is likely to manage new Grants Associates, Operations Associates, and Research Analysts?

Comment author: itty 26 March 2018 06:14:34PM 0 points [-]

GiveWell is also hiring for several roles right now. How should a person decide whether to apply to GiveWell or Open Phil? Are there significant differences in the work culture? Do Research Analysts at each org take on similar types of tasks?

Comment author: itty 26 March 2018 06:10:11PM 9 points [-]

What are things that previous Research Analysts have struggled with at Open Phil? What are reasons others have found it not to be a good fit?