Comment author: itaibn 12 March 2017 02:34:05PM 3 points [-]

Suggestion: The author should have omitted the "Thoughts" section of this post and put the same content in a comment, and, in general, news posts should avoid subjective commentary in the main post.

Reasoning: The main content of this post is its report of EA-related news. This by itself is enough to make it worth posting. Discussion and opinions of this news can be done in the comments. By adding commentary you are effectively "bundling" a high-quality post with additional content, which grants this extra content with undue attention.

Note: This comment was not incited by any particular objection to the views discussed in this post. I also approve of the way you clearly separated the news from your thoughts on it. I don't think the post goes outside the EA Forum's community norms. Rather, I want to discuss whether shifting those community norms is a good idea.

Comment author: itaibn 08 March 2017 04:25:06AM -1 points [-]

The following is entirely a "local" criticism: It responds only to a single statement you made, and has essentially no effect on the validity of the rest of what you say.

I always run content by (a sample of) the people whose views I am addressing and the people I am directly naming/commenting on... I see essentially no case against this practice.

I found this statement surprising, because it seems to me that this practice has a high cost. It increases the amount of effort it takes to make a criticism. Increasing the cost of making criticisms can also making you less likely to consider making a criticism. There is also a fixed cost in making this into a habit.

Seeing the situation you're in as you describe in the rest of your post, and specifically that you put a lot of effort into your comments in any case, I can see this practice working well for you. However, it's not "no case" against it, especially for people who aren't public figures.