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Comment author: godshatter 20 September 2014 03:35:46AM 4 points [-]

I'm a physics PhD student working in quantum computing. My introduction to EA has been through Lesswrong, where I'm reasonably active (under a different name).

When I first heard about EA, it immediately struck a chord with me, as it did two things: (1) it pinpointed exactly what it was about your average charity that annoyed me so much; and (2) proposed a way to fix it.

I very recently started donating a small amount, $50, monthly to GiveDirectly.

While I support giving from what you earn, I'm still quite on the fence about earning to give. That is, I'm not sure that it is a good idea to consciously optimize your career around earning more simply so that you can donate more. I haven't, yet, clearly formulated my intuitive discomfort with this concept into arguments.